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Aug 30 2011

It's blowing away...

Come on people! Can we please stop mourning over Steve Jobs’ retirement? First, this isn’t a “retirement.” He will still be at Apple, as an “employee.” In addition to that, he is now the friggin’ chairman of the friggin’ board! He hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s doing the same things he’s been doing since he started his most recent medical leave of absence, in January of this year. He pops in, and makes sure everything is to his satisfaction, makes some judgement calls, and calls it a day.

Tim Cook has some big shoes to fill, and he knows it. He’s got Steve on speed dial, I’m sure. Hell, he’s probably got some crazy beta version of whatever voice capabilities they’re planning to integrate into iOS. Maybe it listens constantly, and whenever Tim says something like “ahh hell” or some other random obscenity, it calls Steve so he can be there to help. He’s not going to make any major moves without consulting Steve first. Eventually, perhaps, he can make his own decisions and have more of an impact on final products. Maybe he’ll, one day, earn the trust of Steve and the rest of the board so he can start making the judgement calls that Steve has been so famous for. No optical drive for Steve? How about Tim does away with USB ports? It’s coming, and you know it. But nobody wants to be the first to ditch it. Who has the balls to make such a daring move? Steve does, but he’s “out of the picture.” I’d bet that Cook has the balls as long as he has Steve behind him making sure they drag on the ground with every step he takes. After a while, I’d bet that Cook won’t even need Steve holding them down in order to make those daring moves.

Some make the argument that Apple went to the border of oblivion when Steve left the first time. That was an entirely different environment for the tech field. It was also a completely different Apple. One that was young, rather small, and one which was uncertain of the future. It was the company that forced Jobs out of his job! No point that I can make could say more than that. No present day tech company would force Steve Jobs out of his job, especially Apple. When he left the first time, Apple turned into a democracy. It turned into micro-Microsoft. No hand knew what the others were doing. Supply lines weren’t being managed correctly, which meant high prices. They didn’t have that one man to approve or deny things, which meant that products that weren’t ready, or just weren’t going to sell, got approved and sent out to consumers with abysmal results.

That is not the Apple of today. Since Steve made his legendary return, he has put in the time and research required to put together an amazing team that is sure to push Apple through the “post-Jobs era” and into the “Cook era” with ease. These “post-Jobs” years will be filled with what Jobs has already put together. The next 2 generations of iPhones, iPads, and Macs are, most likely, already finished. Cook may have a small amount of input on some tweak required before revealing the product to consumers, but that’s it. These are still the machines that Jobs built.

I would actually argue that we have more than a couple of years worth of Jobs-induced products. He’s still there, he’s still running around campus, and he’s still in very close contact with the SVPs in the company. Until he is OUT of the company (dead or completely retired) you will not be seeing a product with an Apple logo beautifully displayed on it that wasn’t approved by Steve Jobs. That Apple is his stamp of approval until he chooses otherwise.

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  1. I like it 🙂 I think you’re right about the next generations of apple products still being good.

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