How to fix “imapd-ssl: Maximum connection limit reached for”

Sep 10 2011

At home, I was attempting to change my outgoing email address on my phone, when my phone popped up and mentioned that it wasn’t getting a response from my mail server. I attempted it from my phone, my computer, and from webmail before reviewing the server logs for more information.

I kept getting an “imapd-ssl: Maximum connection limit reached for” and my IP address, specifically.

After many Googles and some general config file searching I found the blog below:

How to fix “imapd-ssl: Maximum connection limit reached for” imapd-ssl error | Walking in Light with Christ – Faith, Computing, Diary.

I forget which distro this gentleman is/was using, as it was not the same as mine, however it offered enough insight in to my IMAP configuration to see that somewhere along the line the server was rejecting connections a set number of connections had been maxed.

I found that my server was configured to only allow 20 concurrent connections per IP address.

This instantly told me two things; first off that I have too many devices checking two many mail accounts on my mail server. Secondly that I needed to increase the amount of concurrent connections allowed by the server.

Again, referencing the blog above, I was able to solve the problem. So if anyone else gets the error in the title of this post, start with the link above. Commenting is also permitted should you have additional questions with regard to your particular configuration.

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