How to fix “imapd-ssl: Maximum connection limit reached for”

Sep 10 2011 Published by under Random Fixes

At home, I was attempting to change my outgoing email address on my phone, when my phone popped up and mentioned that it wasn’t getting a response from my mail server. I attempted it from my phone, my computer, and from webmail before reviewing the server logs for more information.

I kept getting an “imapd-ssl: Maximum connection limit reached for” and my IP address, specifically.

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The Recent Rise, Fall, and Rise of

Sep 02 2011 Published by under Technology


So .. The funny thing about Linux and only having a Command Line Interface (CLI) is that syntax, REALLY, matters…

After launching this site on a Dell sitting at home, one might say “Now what?” Most of my friends logically concluded that, well, I should start blogging. This would be all well and fine, except I had a shiny new toy. A website, a Linux box, a host of tools to configure then secure.

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